Secretary Cegavske firmly believes in giving back to the community.  It is her belief that the following organizations have enriched her life in so many ways and helped her better represent her constituents during her time in the Nevada State Assembly and Senate.  This view has been strengthened during her tenure as Secretary of State.

Adoption Exchange Advisory Board, Former Board Member
Asian Chamber of Commerce, Member (1997-Current)
Board of Examiners, Member (2015-Current)

Bonanza High School, Legislative Representative (1996)

Bonanza High School Parent Advisory Council (1995–2000)

Cashman Middle School Parent Advisory Council

  •   1992–1996, Member;
  •   1993–1994, President;

Children and Adults with Attention Deficit Disorder, Vice President (1996)

Clark County School District (CCSD) – Listed committees covering 1990-1996.

  • Year-Round Study Committee;
  • Public Concern Policy Subcommittee;
  • Strategic Planning 2000 Committee;
  • Testing and Evaluation Committee;
  • Special Education Committee, Member;
  • Use of Chemicals in School

Clark High School Area Neighborhood Improvement Program

CLASS! Publications, Former Board Member

Darden School of Business – Emerging Political Leaders Conference University of Virginia 2010

District F Parent Advisory Committee Member (Former Chairperson, Five Years)

Education Task Force Member (1997)

Education Reform Blue Ribbon Task Force, Member
Executive Branch Audit Committee (2015 – Current)
Foreclosed Upon Pets Inc., Volunteer and Supporter, (Formed 2009)

Frontier Girl Scouts, Former Board Member Inclusion Task Force, State of Nevada (1995–1996)
Governor’s Office of Economic Development, Board Member (2015 – Current)

HOPE for Prisoners Advisory Board

  • Board Member (2012-2014)
  • Advisory Board Member (2015-Current)

Hunt Kean Leadership

  • Fellow Member (2016-2017)
  • Graduated to Fellow (2017)

Junior League of Las Vegas

Kids on the Block, Former Puppeteer
Las Vegas Performing Arts, Inc., Board Member
Las Vegas, PTA Area Council, Former Executive Board Member (1989-1992)
Least Restrictive Environment Committee, Former Co-Chair

Legislative Leaders Advisory Board, GOPAC (2011)

National Association of Secretaries of State:

  • Co-Chair Securities Committee (2015-2016)
  • Board Member at Large Liaison to Notary Public Administrators (2017-2018)

National Center for Learning and Civil Engagement, Board Member (2015-Current)
Nevada Education Legislative Grassroots Committee, Chair (1993)

Nevada Legislature (1989; 1991; 1993; 1995, Child Advocate)
Nevada State Board of Prison Commissioners, Commissioner (2015-Current)

Nevada State Emergency Response Commission (SERC), Member,
Governor appointment. (2013)

Nevada State Parent Coalition, State Liaison (1993)
Nevada State Records Committee, Chair (2015-Current)

National Rifle Association (NRA) Member

Opportunity Village, Board Member (2007 – Current)

Parent Mentor (Established Friends of Special Education, Educators Institute) (1995–1996)

Parent Teacher Association (PTA), R. Guild Gray Elementary School, Former President and Board Member (1988–1992)

Parents Active for Vision Education, President (1990–2008)
Public Education Foundation, Board Member (2011-Current)
Republican Secretaries of State Committee (RSCC),

  • Member (2015)
  • Chair (2017)

Southwest Area Command’s Community Leadership Team

Special Education Early Childhood Licensure Task Force, State of Nevada (1993–1994)

Special Education Licensure Task Force, State of Nevada (1994–1995)
Tahoe Regional Planning Agency, Governing Board Member (2015 – Current)

Trinity United Methodist Church, Active Member since 1983
United Methodist Social Ministries “Fostering in Faith”,  Member 2006-2014

United Methodist Women, Trinity United Methodist Church of Las Vegas

  • Former Board Member
  • Current Member

VMSN.INC Interim Administrative Director (June 2013-January 2014)

Women in Government, Former State Director and Former Secretary-Treasurer (1997-2005)

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