Message From Barbara Cegavske

“It is an honor to have been re-elected as Nevada’s Secretary of State. I would like to thank the voters of the great State of Nevada for their trust. I also extend my gratitude to my campaign team for working so tirelessly on my behalf to help make my win possible. The telephone call and kind words from my opponent, Nelson Araujo, were also very much appreciated.”

I offer my congratulations to all the Nevada candidates on their respective victories.

I look forward to working with my incredible staff in completing the goals and objectives initiated during my first term , and honoring the pledge I made to the voters of Nevada.

Sincerely, Barbara Cegavske



RSLC: Secretary Cegavske – Easier to Vote, Harder to Cheat

Premier National Republican Group Launches Digital Campaign for Secretary of State Barbara Cegavske

WASHINGTON (October 30, 2018) – The Republican State Leadership Committee (RSLC) today launched a new microsite – – to highlight Nevada Secretary of State Barbara Cegavske’s record of securing Nevada’s election system while expanding access.

“Secretary Cegavske has greatly improved the national ranking of Nevada’s voting system and has created a ballot integrity standard for every state to follow,” said Matt Walter, President of the Republican State Leadership Committee.  “Integrity in our election process is the cornerstone of our democracy,” Walter added.

The digital ad campaign will help direct voters to where they can learn more about Secretary Cegavske’s record. 

The new ad is supported by the RSLC’s Republican Secretaries of State Committee as Republicans currently hold 31 of the 51 secretaries of state offices nationwide today.


Barbara Cegavske appreciates the support of Thomas Mitchell, longtime Nevada newspaper columnist.

In the opinion column of the Elko Daily Free Press, Thomas Mitchell had this to say, “During her first term as secretary of state, Republican Barbara Cegavske has worked tirelessly to assure the integrity of Nevada’s elections and record keeping. She has worked to increase voter registration and turnout.

Cegavske says that during a second term she will work with county officials to increase cyber security of county registration databases, improve audits and physical security of voting equipment. She is the obvious choice, because her 30-year-old Democratic opponent Nelson Araujo lacks the experience and credentials.”

Barbara Cegavske proudly accepts the endorsement from the Susan B. Anthony List.

 “The Secretary of State’s paramount responsibility is to safeguard the integrity of elections for all citizens of Nevada. It is crucial to have someone trustworthy in this position – that’s why we are proud to support Barbara and encourage Nevada voters to re-elect her this November.”

Nevada Realtors PAC Endorses Barbara Cegavske.

Barbara is grateful to receive the support and endorsement from the Nevada Association of Realtors.



Las Vegas Metro Chamber of Commerce Endorses Barbara Cegavske.

Barbara Cegavske appreciates receiving the endorsement of the Las Vegas Metro Chamber of Commerce. “Clearly, the progress made in streamlining the silver-flume business portal is resonating will all the Chambers of Commerce.”



Las Vegas Review Journal Endorses Barbara Cegavske.

“Mrs. Cegavske has 18 years of legislative experience and has worked to implement safeguards to ensure the integrity of the vote. Nevadans should re-elect Barbara Cegavske.”

Secretary Cegavske is both proud and grateful for the newspaper’s endorsement.



Hispanics in Politics, Nevada’s oldest political organization endorses Barbara Cegavske!

“We wish you luck and hope that our endorsement contributes to your successful win. “- HIP President Fernando Romero
 Barbara welcomes the endorsement and is grateful to HIP for their recognition of her work as Secretary of State.”



Builders Association of Northern Nevada Proudly Supports Barbara Cegavkse for Secretary of State.

In their support, BANN stated that all endorsed candidates “have proven to understand our issues and realize the importance of a healthy building industry to our region’s economic recovery.”

Barbara Cegavske welcomes the support of P2P – Power to Parent

In endorsing Barbara Cegavske , President Erin Phillips wrote, “Our endorsement is based on your support of families and parental rights, and your dedication to supporting legislation that will reform Nevada education, and strengthen and protect our families and children.



Barbara Cegavske receives Endorsement from Seniors United

Barbara Cegavske finds the appreciation of her role as Secretary of State for the past four years from Seniors United particularly gratifying and would like to thank the organization for their support.



Barbara Cegavske appreciates the endorsement of the Republican Women of Northern Nevada PAC

In the endorsement letter, Chairwoman Linda Musselman stated ,”We know you will do all you can under all circumstances and at all times to ensure that Nevada will become the best place for all of its citizens in which to live and do business.


Barbara Cegavske is honored to receive the endorsement from the Latin Chamber of Commerce.

In announcing the endorsements of the chamber’s preferred candidates, Peter Guzman, President of the Latin Chamber, commented “We recognize that serving in public office is challenging and we felt compelled to offer our full support to those candidates that have worked hard to serve and represent our chamber members in making our communities strong business-friendly places to live.”


Henderson IMPAC endorses Barbara Cegavske for Secretary of State.

Madame Secretary:

Congratulations. On behalf of Issues Mobilization Political Action Committee (IMPAC), I am pleased to inform you that the committee decided to endorse your campaign.

Thank you for taking the time to discuss key Henderson issues with our committee. We enjoyed the dialogue and opportunity to exchange viewpoints.

As you are aware, IMPAC’s objective is to promote a pro-business climate to support our community. Your opinions and positions regarding Henderson and surrounding areas were well received. As such, we wish you success in the upcoming election and look forward to working closely with you in the months and years to come.

Matt Engle
IMPAC Chairman


Barbara Cegavske appreciates the endorsement of the NVFAC-PAC.




Barbara Cegavske gratefully accepts the endorsement of the Nevada NFIB.



Barbara Cegavske proudly welcomes the endorsement from State Senator Don Gustavson, Liberty PAC.

“I have known Barbara Cegavske for many years, first as an Assemblywoman and then as State Senator. As lawmakers, we sponsored several pieces of legislation and served on many committees together, and I can tell you that Barbara Cegavske carries bona fide conservative credentials like no other.

Barbara Cegavske is our current Nevada Secretary of State, and she deserves to remain in this position. As a former legislator, she was able to apply her past legislative skills to strengthened Nevada’s election laws relating to Contributions & Expenses reporting transparency and candidate residency requirements.

Not one to stand still, Barbara Cegavske makes time in her busy schedule to travel all 17 counties throughout Nevada searching for innovative ways to better serve the Nevada electorate. She has done an excellent job streamlining the services of the office, and she has worked tirelessly to bolster the security and integrity of our elections.

The modernization and trustworthiness of Nevada’s election process has benefited significantly under Barbara Cegavske’s leadership. Please join me in reelecting Secretary of State Barbara Cegavske.”

Barbara Cegavske is honored to receive the endorsement of Plumbers, Pipefitters & Service Technicians Local 525.

In endorsing Barbara Cegavske for Secretary of State, Greg Esposito, Director of Government Affairs had this to say. “We appreciate that you share our Union values and interest in protecting the health of our Southern Nevada. We are proud to endorse your effort to represent your community. Thank you for your interest in representing the working families of Plumbers, Pipefitters & Service Technicians Local 525, and we wish you the best of success on your campaign.”

Barbara Cegavske proudly accepts the endorsement of Citizens for Responsible Government.

In notifying Barbara Cegavske of the endorsement, Chairman John Sandford wrote that “after a review by the candidate selection committee and a vote by the Board of Directors, you have been endorsed by Citizens for Responsible Government for the 2018 Election. “ The letter continued, ”We appreciate your willingness to support the citizens of Nevada in a responsible manner.”

Barbara Cegavske is grateful to receive the endorsement from Maggie’s List.

In endorsing Barbara Cegavske, former Florida Secretary of State and Maggie’s List Chairwoman said “Barbara will work tirelessly to make sure Nevada’s future is protected and the rule of law is upheld.” Added Maggie’s List Vice Chairwoman and Nevada State Chair, ”Secretary Cegavske has done an outstanding job for her constituents. Elections in Nevada are in excellent hands with Barbara in this important job.”

 -Maggie’s List


Barbara Cegavske gratefully welcomes the endorsement from the Republican National Hispanic Assembly – Las Vegas

“We proudly endorse Barbara Cegavske in her bid for re-election as Nevada Secretary of state. Barbara is the clear choice!” 

 -The Republican National Hispanic Assembly


Barbara Cegavske proudly welcomes the endorsement of MCA of Las Vegas and SMACNA of Southern Nevada.

Barbara Cegavske thanks Executive Vice President Mandi Wilkins and the memberships of the Mechanical Contractors Association of Las Vegas (MCA) and the Sheet Metal and Air Conditioning Contractors National Association of Southern Nevada (SMACNA) for their endorsement.

MCA of Las Vegas is the preeminent voice of signatory mechanical contractors throughout Southern Nevada who utilize the highly skilled plumbers, pipefitters and service technicians of UA Local 55.

SMACNA of Southern Nevada was established more than 50 years ago and works with SMART Local Union Number 88 providing stability and progress to the sheet metal segment of the Southern Nevada construction industry.

Barbara Cegavske proudly accepts and welcomes the endorsement!

Standing up to False Smears!

Barbara Cegavske Files for 2018 Election!

Monday, March 4th, 2018. Barbara Cegavske was among the first of many candidates filing for election, as she submitted her papers for the office of Secretary of State.

Barbara signs the voluntary ‘Code of Fair Campaign Practices

Barbara Cegavske Receives Endorsement of
Otto Merida, founder of the Las Vegas Latin Chamber of Commerce

Barbara Cegavske is honored to have received the endorsement of Otto Merida, founder of the Las Vegas Latin Chamber of Commerce, the premier Hispanic Chamber of Commerce in Nevada. In providing his endorsement, Mr. Merida said: “Barbara has been a friend of the Latino Community for years and that’s why I support her.” In her acknowledgment, Secretary Cegavske stated, “I am so proud to have the endorsement of the LCC Founder, Otto Merida. Thank you, Otto, for your continued faith and support.”

Barbara Cegavske Receives Endorsement of
Unified Construction Industry Council

Barbara Cegavske is honored to have received the endorsement of Unified Construction Industrial Council. In wishing the Secretary continued success in the endorsement, Director John Weiss also stated the following : “We are pleased to inform you the Unified Construction Industry Council, a labor-management cooperation committee comprised of over 20,000 men and women in the building trades and some 200 construction-trades subcontractors, has endorsed your candidacy for Secretary of State.”

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